Frequently Asked Questions

What prizes are available?

The following prizes are available in the EAAA Spring Raffle 2024:

  • First prize - £3,000
  • Second prize - £1,000
  • Third prize - £500
  • Fourth prize - £250
  • Fifth prize - £50 (10 to be won)

How much does EAAA make from each ticket sold?

In 2023, EAAA received £293,466 in ticket sales, of which 41.7% went straight back to the charity, 4.5% was spent on prizes and 53.8% on expenses.

What are the odds of winning a prize?

Members have a 1 in 10,895 chance of winning a prize in the raffle, based on the number of entries in the same draw last time.

How old must I be to enter?

To enter our raffles you must aged 18 years or older.

What date will the winners be drawn?

The winners for the EAAA Spring Raffle 2024 will be drawn on 10 May 2024.

Can I use my credit card to pay for my tickets?

Due to changes in the Gambling Commission regulations. From the 14th April 2020, you are no longer be able to use credit cards for any form of gambling, including our raffles.

You will still be able to play by using your debit card, which would always be our preferred method as it is the most cost effective method for the charity.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

You must be 18+ to play. Please view our Social Responsible Gambling Policy, Cash Handling and Money Laundering Policy and Raffle Terms and Conditions below.

How can I get help with my raffle entry or request additional tickets?

If you require assistance with your raffle entry, or require additional tickets, please call our raffle hotline on 0370 058 5954.


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